Defense Mechanism used by Children

HI guys

While working with the children in the children home and juvenile center, I observed numbers of Defense Mechanism used by Children. Most they used cursing.

Frustration is another very common defense mechanism. I observed the children used the rationalization defense mechanism very proudly.


Role of Social Worker in Group Work Practice

While doing the group work, you will see about how the group worker is engaged in various roles. The group worker is the central person of the group and hence group worker have various responsibilities.

Here is the list of some of the main roles of social worker in the group work practice.


  • Leader

  • Teacher

  • Enabler

  • Facilitator

While doing the group work practice, you must have to find the qualities of the each group member and use them for the group work activities. The main motive of the group work is to enhance the quality of the group members.

It is advised that you have to focus on those members who are not active in the group.