RTI and Social Action

I live in Sonia Vihar and it is one of the unauthorized colonies in Delhi. The health and sanitation conditions in this area are very poor. With the help of RTI, I am planning to ask information from the municipality and other respected department about the reasons of poor sanitation in this area.
There are no sewers in this colony and the dirty water always flew on the main road. The condition of the circular road is very poor. People are not able to get the good services from the municipality dispensaries.
I think community mobilization will work for this. There is a need to aware the people about their basic health rights. RTI will be an effective tool for awaking the people about their rights.


Social Work with Mentally Restarted Children

Last month, I visited a famous NGO in Delhi. The NGO was working on the welfare of Mentally Restarted Children. The NGO was providing NFE classes to the children. There were total 20 children in the batch. The age group was 5-10years. The children love to play indoor games like carom board, ludo, snack and ladder.

I also observed that most of the children have same problem. Their physical development was good but mentally they were very poor. They love to recite poems, watching movies and playing cards.

They also love to eat chips and puffs. I distributed chocolates among them. They were very happy.

The agency was providing regular counseling to the children. The counselor motivates the children.