IGNOU Orientation Visit Format for Field Work

You have to do 5 orientation visits in first and second year of IGNOU MSW field work programme. You need to collect information from the agency/NGO. Here is the sample format for IGNOU Orientation Visit Format for Field Work.

1. Name of the institution:

2. Address:

3. Mission statement:

4. Institution Objectives:

5. CEO:

6. Board members:

7. Type of work:

8. Number and nature of beneficiaries

9. Geographical area of work:

10. Whether the agency is registered:

11. Organisation structure:

12. Number of staff members and nature of staff:

13. History of organisation:

14. Sources of funding

15. Infrastructure facilities:

16. Problems faced by the agency and proposed remediate

17. Future plans:

18. Recognition and awards:

19. Affiliations:

20 Any other information: