How to Establish Good Relationships with the Community People

For doing the community organization, there is a need to establish good relationships with the people living in the community. There are numbers of ways using that community worker apply. Some of them are

  • Participating in their fests and festivals
  • Providing education support to their children
  • Providing free guidance to the people living in the agency.
  • Helping the women in establishing self help groups.
  • By conducting any health checkup camp.

Communication skills and active listening skills are necessary for doing any kind of development and organization related work.


How To Write Community Development Reports

For writing the reports of Community Development, you can use following Performa.

  • Name of the community
  • Date
  • Time spent
  • Plan of the day
  • Objectives
  • Work Done
  • Observation
  • Social work technique used
  • Analysis
  • Plan of the next day


Objectives Of Condom Programming

Condom plays an important role in the prevention of HIV/AIDS transmission and STD. It is one of the best contraceptive used while making the sexual relationships. The people are not aware about the use and importance of the condoms. The condom programming is designed for the creating awareness among the people about the uses of the condoms.

Objectives Of Condom Programming

  1. Understand condom clients and the environment
  2. Assess programme and create action plan
  3. Procure high-quality condoms and manage the pipeline.
  4. Expand distribution systems
  5. Promote condoms at distribution points
  6. Promote condoms at the community, district, and national levels
  7. Monitor programme progress and evaluate outcomes

IGNOU MSW Community Development Tips – Know your community

Community Development Tips

During the field work practice, you will do community development project. This article is about how to start the community organization.

First of all, you need to find a community where you can perform your field work training. It will be good if your NGO recommend you the same. After that you need to establish a good relationship with the community people. First of all met with the respected people of the community and they will help you to establish the community development work.

On the first day of community visit, it is advisable to take any reputed person of the agency to the community. He will help you to understand the community effectively. He will also introduce you about the resources available in the community.

So the first tip of the community development is to know and understand your community.

In the field work journal of IGNOU MSW, you have to do 15 community organization visit.