MSW-006 Social Work Research

MSW-006 Social Work Research

MSW 006 is one of the important theory papers in the IGNOU MSW course. The course title is Social Work Research. This paper is very useful for getting information on the statistics used in the social work.

MSW 006 paper provides detailed information on how to collect the data during the field work and how to analysis the data.

The paper contains various numerical also. You will learn about how to calculate mode, median and other useful terms used in statics.

This paper also provides information on how to make project proposal, how to write research paper and how to write research synopsis.

The paper tells about how to formulate the research questions. You will also learn about how to take interview and kinds of interview for collecting the data. The paper also tells about types of questionnaire.

For taking the samples, you need to learn about how to select the sample from the population. This paper also gives you detailed information on various kinds of sampling.

Overall MSW 006 i.e. Social Work Research paper is one of the most important papers. It is very interesting and you need to give extra time for this paper for preparation. This paper is also helpful to achieve the researcher ability.

While preparing for the MSW 006, you need to make short notes so that you can learn it effectively. Also solve at least 6 assignments based on the MSW 006 paper.