IGNOU MSW Field Work MSWL 001 Credit 10

IGNOU MSW Field Work course code is MSWL 001 and it has 10 Credit. This is the important component of the IGNOU MSW course. With this paper, you will learn the importance of reporting and documentation in the field of social work.

Perform your field in any reputed and large NGO for getting good experience. You can also work in the donor agencies for getting the professional experience of CSR.

Remember, theory papers are easy and you can clear that in one attempt only but the field work takes time as it has much reporting and hand writing work. So start your field work at time and try to submit your journal on time.

Best of luck for your field work practice.

IGNOU MSW Field Work Journal


Rights of the people living with HIV/AIDS

Rights of the people living with HIV/AIDS

Here are some of the available rights of the people living with HIV/AIDS. But there is a huge need to work on the ground level for protecting these laws.

  • Right to confidentiality
  • Right to Informed consent and privacy
  • Right against discrimination
  • Right to health
  • Right to employment

The medicines of this disease are very costly and poor people are not able to buy such costly medicines. Government must work on this side so that the poor people can get the necessary medicines at cheap prices.

There is also a need to aware people at mass level.