United Nations Millennium Development Goals

In September 2000, the United Nations came up with the eight Millennium Development Goals. The eight millennium development goals are to:

  • Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger,
  • Achieve universal primary education,
  • Promote gender equality and empower women,
  • Reduce child mortality,
  • Improve maternal health,
  • Combat HIV/AIDS and other diseases,
  • Ensure environmental sustainability,
  • Develop a global partnership for development.

United Nations Millennium Development Goals


Advantages Of Using A Condom

Condom plays an important role in the prevention of HIV/AIDS and the sexually transmitted diseases. Here are the advantages of using a condom while making the sexual relationship.

  • It protects against HIV.
  • It is a well-organized contraceptive and if use properly it provides trustworthy protection from pregnancy.
  • It is appropriate for all couples and types of sexual intercourse.Image

IGNOU MSW December 2013 Exam Results

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If you are waiting for the IGNOU MSW December 2013 term end exam results, then there is good news to you. The result has been declared and you can check it on the official website of the IGNOU.

The grade card has been also updated so you can also check the marks of your field work journal and dissertation.

Best of luck for all students.


IGNOU MSW Dissertation Format – Research Report Format of IGNOU MSW

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Here I am offering the IGNOU MSW Dissertation Format. The dissertation report must have in this sequence.  The hard cover of the research report must be in the light red colour having the golden font colour.

Project report cover




Table of contents

Appendix 1                         :               List of tables

Appendix 2                         :               List of figures

Appendix 3                         :               List of pictures

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Review of Literature

Chapter 3: Research Methodology

Chapter 4: Presentation and data analysis

Chapter 5: Conclusion

Chapter 6: Recommendations

Appendix 4         :               Bibliography and webliography

Appendix 5         :               Research synopsis

Here is the IGNOU MSW Dissertation Cover / Front Page Format.

IGNOU MSW Dissertation Cover Page Format

Individual Conference With The Supervisor

The main aim of the individual conference with the supervisor is to solve the problems during the field work practice.

With the help of individual conference, the student can find information and facts about the social work practice in the field. The sound discussion is necessary with the supervisor for solving the queries.

After that, you have to write the Individual conference report on MSW/BSW  field work journal,


IGNOU MSW and IGNOU BSW Field Work Journal With Format and Sample

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Field Work Journals

  • BSW First Year Field Work Journal
  • BSW Second Year Field Work Journal
  • BSW Third Year Field Work Journal
  • MSW First Year Field Work Journal
  • MSW Second Year Field Work Journal


  • BSW Assignments
  • MSW Assignments

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IGNOU MSW and IGNOU BSW Field Work Sample Field Work Guide Assignments


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I am Harish Chandra providing guide to the IGNOU MSW and IGNOU BSW course. You have to do various activities in the IGNOU MSW and IGNOU BSW Course. Ignou Msw Group Conference is the activity that will be performed with your batch mates. While induction meeting for the first year msw, will be held with your field work supervisor. If you want the msw field work report sample, you can contact me at the email ID – harishchandra123@gmail.com. I will provide guidance on the 45 days training report sample.

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social work

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