Date Schedule of Case Work, Group Work and Community Work in IGNOU MSW Field Work Journal

In the second year, student has to do case work, group work and community work. These activities are the integral part of the social work practice. All of these are primary techniques of social work.

The case work, group work and community work all will be done in the schedule of 45 days. So you need to add the dates in middle of 45 days.

And also you can add the same date on which date you have participated in eye checkup camp or any other camp. As the case work, group work take very less time to conduct the session so you can add the same date.

Also keep 3-4 days difference in each session. For example if the first case work is on 4 Sept then second will be on 7 Sept, third on 11 Sept and so on. This will work for group work and community work as well.


Observing Children during the IGNOU MSW Field Work

Most of the students of social work love to do field work practice in child development field or working with children. There are plenty of NGOs in India doing the projects for the betterment of children especially for underprivileged or mentally retarded children. There are numbers of juvenile homes also.

So while working with the children, you need to observe them about their interest.

If you love to play with the children, you can observe his interest and team work during the play. You can also observe the developmental level and his strategies while playing games with him. You can also check the skills he used and also his personality.

Like playing ludo with him, you can find about how he makes plan and how was his attitude during the play.

Working with toddlers

IGNOU MSW Concurrent Field Work Visit Report Guide

IGNOU MSW Concurrent Field Work Visit Report GuideIn the concurrent field work visit report, you have to write about the activities you performed on the particular day. Here is a guide about what you have to write in the IGNOU MSW concurrent field work visit report.

  • You have to mention about the plan of the day and what instructions your supervisor provide for the field work on that particular day.
  • You also have to write the observation you collected while working with your beneficiaries like working with a child what you noticed.
  • You also need to write the social work tools you used. There are many social work tools like motivation, inspiration, assurance, sympathy etc.
  • You have to write the detail information on the assigned tasks and name of the team workers if you worked in a team.
  • In the last, you have to write about the plan of the next day.

Basic Questions for IGNOU MSW or BSW Course

Hi guys…

Before taking the admission in the IGNOU MSW or BSW Course, you need to know answers of basic questions regarding the course.

Here are some of the basic Questions for IGNOU MSW or BSW Course

1) Class room study is it compulsory?

Class room study is not compulsory but it will be good if you attend the classes.

2) Field visit – I can be done on any day.

Yes, you can do the field work visit on any day.

3) Selection of subject is individual or the Centre will decide as I am already working with an NGO

You have to find the agency from your end.

4) Is Saturday & Sunday is enough for completing this course?

Yes, Saturday & Sunday is enough.

The answers are according to my experience.


IGNOU MSW Concurrent Visit 45 Days Format



IGNOU MSW Concurrent Visit 45 Days Format

Here is the sequence of the report.

  • Date of field work

  • Time spent in the organization:

  • Address of the agency

  • Activities performed today

  • Observation related to the agency functioning or related institution functioning:

  • Teamwork

  • Assigned tasks (which stage and progress so far etc.)

  • Observation regarding client system and service delivery

  • Administrative assignments

  • Social work techniques used

  • Field instruction expected for the following

  • Plan of the next day