IGNOU MSW 2015 Assignments Solved

So you are looking for the solved IGNOU MSW 2015 Assignments? If yes, I am here to help you. My name is Harish Chandra and I am Master Degree holder from IGNOU in the field of social work.
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Date Schedule of Case Work, Group Work and Community Work in IGNOU MSW Field Work Journal

In the second year, student has to do case work, group work and community work. These activities are the integral part of the social work practice. All of these are primary techniques of social work.

The case work, group work and community work all will be done in the schedule of 45 days. So you need to add the dates in middle of 45 days.

And also you can add the same date on which date you have participated in eye checkup camp or any other camp. As the case work, group work take very less time to conduct the session so you can add the same date.

Also keep 3-4 days difference in each session. For example if the first case work is on 4 Sept then second will be on 7 Sept, third on 11 Sept and so on. This will work for group work and community work as well.

IGNOU MSW Concurrent Field Work Visit Report Guide

IGNOU MSW Concurrent Field Work Visit Report GuideIn the concurrent field work visit report, you have to write about the activities you performed on the particular day. Here is a guide about what you have to write in the IGNOU MSW concurrent field work visit report.

  • You have to mention about the plan of the day and what instructions your supervisor provide for the field work on that particular day.
  • You also have to write the observation you collected while working with your beneficiaries like working with a child what you noticed.
  • You also need to write the social work tools you used. There are many social work tools like motivation, inspiration, assurance, sympathy etc.
  • You have to write the detail information on the assigned tasks and name of the team workers if you worked in a team.
  • In the last, you have to write about the plan of the next day.

IGNOU MSW December 2013 Exam Results

Dear Friends…

If you are waiting for the IGNOU MSW December 2013 term end exam results, then there is good news to you. The result has been declared and you can check it on the official website of the IGNOU.

The grade card has been also updated so you can also check the marks of your field work journal and dissertation.

Best of luck for all students.


IGNOU MSW Dissertation Format – Research Report Format of IGNOU MSW

Hello friends…

Here I am offering the IGNOU MSW Dissertation Format. The dissertation report must have in this sequence.  The hard cover of the research report must be in the light red colour having the golden font colour.

Project report cover




Table of contents

Appendix 1                         :               List of tables

Appendix 2                         :               List of figures

Appendix 3                         :               List of pictures

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Review of Literature

Chapter 3: Research Methodology

Chapter 4: Presentation and data analysis

Chapter 5: Conclusion

Chapter 6: Recommendations

Appendix 4         :               Bibliography and webliography

Appendix 5         :               Research synopsis

Here is the IGNOU MSW Dissertation Cover / Front Page Format.

IGNOU MSW Dissertation Cover Page Format

Best University for Master in Social Work MSW through Distance Learning

Master in Social Work

Hello friends…

If you are looking for the career in the social work or development sector and searching for any good university from where you can achieve the Master in Social Work i.e. MSW degree, you are on the right. This page is all about the best university for Master In Social Work MSW through distance learning.

There are numbers of universities in India offering the MSW course though distance learning mode. But I will suggest you to join the IGNOU for doing your MSW. There are various reasons to join the MSW course from IGNOU.

  • The first reason is that IGNOU is a national university and you can change your study center or regional center easily if you are shifting your location. And also you can enroll in IGNOU course anywhere from India.
  • The course material of IGNOU is absolutely very fine. They also recommend sources for further readings in the form of reference books.
  • IGNOU support is good and you can solve your queries from the nearest regional centers easily and quickly.
  • The university is also offering placement.