Problems in Doing MSW from IGNOU Distance Learning


MSW is a professional course. Numbers of universities in India are offering MSW course. IGNOU is also offering master in social work course through distance learning mode.

But my personal experience says that most of the students who are doing MSW from IGNOU through distance mode are not happy with this course. As they are not getting very less support from their faculty and also there is no library available for the distance mode students. Hence the students are not satisfied with the IGNOU MSW course. They are not getting any good guide for the field work so that they are not enjoying this course.

The students are not receiving the course material on time and hence they are getting very less time to study. Also there are no reference books available for this course. However the IGNOU MSW blocks are very rich in content but students are complaining about the tough language.

The big problem in the MSW course is the field work. Students are not getting enough time to perform the field work activities. As most of students in IGNOU are working hence they are very confused about their field work. They have no guidance about how to complete it on time.


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