United Nations Millennium Development Goals

In September 2000, the United Nations came up with the eight Millennium Development Goals. The eight millennium development goals are to:

  • Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger,
  • Achieve universal primary education,
  • Promote gender equality and empower women,
  • Reduce child mortality,
  • Improve maternal health,
  • Combat HIV/AIDS and other diseases,
  • Ensure environmental sustainability,
  • Develop a global partnership for development.

United Nations Millennium Development Goals

Rajmudra Pratisthan NGO in Mumbai

Rajmudra Pratisthan is one of the NGOs in Mumbai. This NGO is working on many projects. Their main project is providing English speaking classes to the children.

Address : Rajmudra Pratisthan, Bldg no 30, Visava Co-Op Hos Soc, D.N Nagar               New Link Road , Andheri (W), Mumbai – 400 053

Staff members list

  • Nagesh Pednekar : chairperson
  • R Tambe :

Working With Toddlers In NGO in India

Working-With-Toddlers-In-NGLast week, I spend some days while working with the toddlers in a NGO. It was really a great experience while working with toddlers. As they have their own word, their own feeling and understanding, so it was challenging task. Some of the toddlers were also handicapped so I also feel emotion but in our profession, we need to control our emotions and I did.

Toddlers love to play games with different toys, objects and clay. I also enjoyed this session with them. They have good creativity. The toddlers do not make friends easily. You need to work with them for getting their attention.

During playing with the toddlers, I checked their behavior and also team work spirit.

You can do following activities with toddlers

  • Playing games with different objects and toys
  • Teaching them with the help of clay
  • Doing dance and singing with them

Observing Children during the IGNOU MSW Field Work

Most of the students of social work love to do field work practice in child development field or working with children. There are plenty of NGOs in India doing the projects for the betterment of children especially for underprivileged or mentally retarded children. There are numbers of juvenile homes also.

So while working with the children, you need to observe them about their interest.

If you love to play with the children, you can observe his interest and team work during the play. You can also observe the developmental level and his strategies while playing games with him. You can also check the skills he used and also his personality.

Like playing ludo with him, you can find about how he makes plan and how was his attitude during the play.

Working with toddlers